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Main Menu of Exercises & Tactics

Now we are going to brake down top panel of this menu.

1 - Button to create new exercise.

2 - Drop-down list to filter exercises by its difficulty.

3 - Drop-down list to filter exercises by age group of the players.

4 - Drop-down list to filter by user who created them.

5 - Button to show all the exercises.

6 - Button to Show/Hide group of categories.

7 - Search-bar.

8 - Button to show Order-bar.

9 - Order-bar where you can order list of exercises by

-> Date (When exercise was last edited/created)

-> Name (of the exercise)

-> Difficulty (level of the exercise)

-> Public Exercises (to list your exercises that were shared with all Tactical Soccer users)

On the left side there are various Group Categoies

This button allows you re-name of a category
This button allows you to add new category
 VERY IMPORTANT  After adding new category you can't delete it!

The last but not least  Public Exercises 

These exercises are the ones that all Tactical Soccer users decided to share with the world. You can access Public Exercises and share your exercises if you are subscribed to Tactical Soccer.

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