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Creating New Exercise #part 2 (Top Panel)

Here we explain what every button does, if you are unsure how to get to this menu, please read New Exercise #part 1.

We start of by explaining top panel

1 - Closes and saves changes to the exercise.

2 - Deletes exercise. (Requires confirmation of the action)

3 - Shows details of the exercise. Ex:

Here you can change all the information about the exercise, except category group. But you still can change the "Category".

4 - Shows window where you can export the exercise as a PDF(document) file or a AVI(video) file.

 Extended  - Creates a PDF file (Contains images of large size). On PC, MAC and Android Tablets you will be asked where to save the file,  on iPad file will be opened straight away.

Condensed  - Creates a smaller PDF file. (Places few images on a single page, useful for reducing number of pages)

 Save Ink - removes green pitch from images to save ink, white lines become black for printing.

 Video  - Exports a video, after clicking "Export" button, next window will appear.

Click "Create" button and you will be greeted with this window

This window confirms that the video of your exercise is being created, when the video have finished compiling, you will receive an email with link to download it.

1 - To export video you need an internet connection.
2 - Your animation must have at least 2 frames. Example image with 12 frames:

5 - Creates a "clone" or a duplicate of the exercise. Very useful when you need to create a new exercise on top of another or just extend it.

In next window you can edit details of the cloned exercise before saving it. The name of the new exercise will contain a word "clone" by default.

If you don't change any information in the description of the cloned exercise and just click "Save", the cloned exercise will appear on the list of exercises.

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