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Creating New Exercise #part 3 (Left Panel)

Here we will explain what each button on the left panel does. These are primary buttons. When you click any of them, you will be presented with the list of objects to create the animation.

Show a list of different pitches(white lines on the field) you can use, when create your animation.

Player Button, displays a list of player objects.

Displays the list of objects you can place on the pitch.

Shows a list of lines you can use to draw on the pitch (paint like style).

This slider permits you to choose the "Line Thickness", minimum is 3 pixels and maximum of 8 pixels.

Shows a list of geometric objects to place on field.

You can't create the animation for geometric object.

This button adds a text box to the pitch.

You can't create the animation for this object.

Color Palette. Select the object and then select a color for the object.

Each object that is placed on the pitch has round buttons for its manipulation.

Click on the  Player Button , select a  Player Object  and place it on the pitch.

Add text to an abject. (Popups a small window for text)
Scale object. (Will be animated!)
Duplicate object, very useful for creating teams.
Makes current position and rotation of the object be same on all frames.
Useful for the static objects.
Rotate object. (Will be animated!)
Delete object.

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