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Creating New Exercise #part 4 (Animation Panel)

Here we will explain step by step on how to  create the animation. We'll start by the bottom panel called Animation Controls.

First we have an Eye Button

By default it is always active. While the button is active all the objects with animation will show movement lines.

A - Start of animation (Current Frame)

B - End of animation (Current Frame)

Next we have a Free Drawing button.

Just like Eye Button it is always active by default.

When it is active, we can freely draw any kind of shape as animation. When it is turned off we can animate objects in a precise line.

Button to play the animation, requires at least two frames on bottom panel.
Speed of the animation
Currently selected frame
Button to delete the frame from animation.
If you have only one frame in the animation this button will delete all the objects from the pitch.
Button to add new frame to the list.

Click HERE to see how to create an animation.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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