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Animation Step by Step 1

We start by selecting a pitch, click on the Pitch Button and select a rectangle.

Pitch lines are always white and can't have a different color.

Now lets add a line, first select a color.

Thank click on the Lines Button and select a dashed line.

Use Scrollbar to set line thickness.

Now you can draw the line on the pitch. Click and keep holding to start from the selected position, than drag to the end position of the line, release to finish the line.

If you are on Tablet, use long swipe to draw the line.

Now lest add two cones to represent the goal.

Select the orange color, as was shown below.

Click on the Ball Button and select the Cone object.

Now place the cone on the dashed line.

Lets make it bigger by changing its size. Hold and drag Size Button of the object.

Move the cone to new position.

To finish our goal we need one more cone, select the current cone and click Duplicate Button.

New cone will appear, select it and place on the line.

Using the same logic we will place seven players on the pitch as shown on the image below.

Select red color from the palette.

Click on the player button and select a 3rd player object.

Place it on the field and change its rotation as show below.

Now duplicate this player object two more time and place them as show below.

Select one player object on duplicate it, change rotation and color to yellow. Place it on the goal line.

Now duplicate the goalie, change its color to blue and duplicate the blue player two more times.

Place those players as shown below.

Lest give each of these players a ball, to do that select a black color first, we don't want to have blue balls on the pitch.

Now click on the Ball Button and select the ball object. Place three of them as show on the image below.

Continue to part 2 HERE.

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