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Animation Step by Step 2

To create animation we start  by adding second frame. Click Add Frame button in bottom right corner. The second frame will be automatically selected for us.

For this example we are going to to deactivate Eye and Free Drawing buttons just like HERE.

Move players to positions as shown on the image below.

Add one more frame and place players as shown on the image below.

Press play button to see how animation is working out so far.

Add one more frame and place objects as shown below

And one more just to finish this animation.

Now it would be nice to have a real goal. Lets select first frame and remove cones from the pitch.

Click on Ball button and select the Goal object and place it on the pith.

Change its scale and move it to proper position.

If you click play, you will be able to that goal is animation too, but it wasn't our intention.

To fix this, go to first frame and select the goal object.

Click the pin button. Now our goal will get the same size and position on all frames of the animation.

Click play to see the result.

Congratulation you have finished your first animated exercise!

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